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2016 Roundup

Posted by [email protected] on December 10, 2016 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (2)

Well 2016 is just about over, we held our Xmas shoot yesterday, the first part of the day was shot at 300 yards being the final round of the 10 Ring Target Championship. Conditions were quite mild, with just little changes in the breeze but the mirage caused a few sighting issues. Danny Sandford won that round, which was also gave him the championship.

We then retired to the clubrooms for afternoon tea followed by a 50 metre rimfire shoot, with 10 sticks of chalk being the targets. Scores were not recorded as it was just for fun but a number of shooters were smashing the targets.

This year our club was very fortunate to take delivery of 2 Hexta electronic targets. So if you want to try them out come along on a Saturday arvo and give them a go.

2015 Xmas Shoot

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The Xmas shoot is due to be held next Saturday the 12th. Members are requested to bring a gift to the value of $10.

Starting at 1pm, a 200 yard rimfire shoot followed by a 300 yard centrefire snap target shoot is planned. Please note this is a fun day, nothing too serious, no sheep stations.

please accept my apology for not being there, going to see Elton John.

Minutes 2015 AGM

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President Danny declared the meeting open at 11.05 a.m.




Danny Sandford (President), Rod Duncan (Vice Captain), Greg Gunn (Secretary), Grant Hornell (Treasurer) Dave Hillier, Arnold Kelly, Ken Pickett, Steve Ludvig, Ian Troeth, Michael Davis, Russell Murphy. Richard Stevenson.




Apologies from Rob Kelly, Bernie Warren, and were received on the motion from Greg Gunn, seconded by Rod Duncan and carried.




The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, held on 16th August 2014 and since distributed to members present were taken as read, and confirmed on the motion of Greg Gunn, seconded by Steve Ludvig and carried.




There was no business arising from the Minutes as read.




At this point, President Danny presented his report on the previous year’s activities and achievements, with a copy forming part of these Minutes.


Grant Hornell moved and Michael Davis seconded a motion that the Captain’s Report be received. The motion was carried.



Treasurer Grant Hornell presented the Treasurer’s Financial Report for the previous year on the Club’s financial transactions and outcomes. A certified copy of the accounts forms part of these Minutes. (A detailed accounting of ammunition and component stocks etc was not available for presentation to this meeting.)


G Gunn moved and G Hornell seconded a motion that the Treasurer’s Report be received.




At this point President Danny Sandford vacated the Chair in favour of Committee Member Michael Davis for the Election of Office Bearers.


All offices having been thus declared vacant, the following written nominations, seconded as required, and confirmed by the respective nominees, were tabled: -




Danny Sandford, nominated by Greg Gunn and seconded by Grant Hornell.


There being no further nominations, Danny Sandford was declared elected.




Rod Duncan, nominated by Michael Davis, seconded by Grant Hornell


There being no further nomination, Rod Duncan was declared elected.




Grant Hornell, nominated by Michael Davis, seconded by Greg Gunn.


There being no further nomination, Grant Hornell was declared elected.




Greg Gunn, nominated by Rod Duncan, seconded by Steve Ludvig.


There being no further nomination, Greg Gun was declared elected.





• Michael Davies, nominated by Greg Gunn, seconded by Danny Sandford ;

• Steve Ludvig, nominated by Greg Gunn, seconded by Grant Hornell;

• Arnold Kelly, nominated by Danny Sandford, seconded by Greg Gunn;


There being no further nominations, and subject to the acceptance of nomination by each member no nominated, the above-mentioned were declared duly elected as Ordinary Committee M embers.




Danny Sandford was appointed to continue in this role.




It was agreed that the Captain and Vice-Captain should continue to act as selectors of teams to represent the Club in competition.




Dave Hillier nominated by Greg Gunn, seconded by Grant Hornell agreed to perform this role.




It was agreed the Captain & Vice Captain will continue to manage & control these functions.


At this point, Danny Sandford resumed the Chair for the remainder of the meeting.




Other than a general agreement that the Club and members should “keep up the good work´, no specific recommendations were made to the incoming committee.




The next Committee Meeting is was to take place immediately after the AGM.,




President Danny declared the meeting closed at 1130 hrs.


draft 2016 shooting program

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Hi all, please check the draft copy below and advise comments.

Hamilton Rifle Club Inc.

Competition Program 2016

Competitions are open to both Target Rifle and F Class unless specified otherwise. Hunter Class rifles also catered for. Practice sessions, running in barrels, load testing etc can be conducted from 10am on Saturdays subject to a committee member being present. Committee Meetings and Working Bees to be followed by BYO BBQ. All members are welcome to attend working bees.

Target Rifle option. For those members that shoot both TR & F Class, where you see TR highlighted you are encouraged to shoot TR.

This year we are trying something different on hot days ie mid 30s. If temperatures are forecasted in the mid 30s then Michael Davies will text members on the Wednesday evening advising change of shooting times, ie set-up range at 8.30 for a 9am start.

As per usual no shooting is done on days of total firebans.



Shooting normally commences at 1pm

Jan 2 2 x 10 shots @300 & 500 yards. TR. Warrnambool Marathon

9 2 x 10 shots @400/600. Bacchus Marsh PM

16 3 x 10 @ 8/9 & 1000 yards. Committee Meeting 11am

23 2 x10 shots @ 500 & 700 yards.

30 Round 1. Feral Animals 200 & 300 yards


Feb 6 2x10 @ 600 & 700 yards. TR

13 Fly Shoot @ 500 yards. Working Bee 10.30am

20 2X10 @ 800 & 900 Yards

27 Round 1. Ten Ring Target 200 & 300 Yards


Mar 5 2 x 10 @ 500 & 600. Committee Meeting 11am

12 3x10 @ 800, 900 &1000 yards

19 Bill Richards Memorial 2 x 10 @600 & 700 yards, all classes MCSI scoring

26 Round 2. Feral Animals @ 300 yards


Apr 2 2x 10 @ 800 & 900 yards . TR

9 2x10 @ 600 & 700 yards. Working Bee 10.30am

16 2x10 @ 400 & 500 yards. VRA Queens

23 2x10 @ 300 & 700 yards.

30 Round 2. Ten Ring Targets 2 x10 @ 300 yards.



May 7 2x10 @ 300 & 800 yards. Committee Meeting 11am

14 2x10 @ 500 & 600 yards

21 Ray Ford Memorial. 10 shots @ 3,6,7 & 900 yards. All Classes. MCSI scoring

28 Round 3. Feral Animals @ 300 & 400 yards.


June 4 2 x 10 @ 500 & 1000. TR. Working Bee 10.30am

11 2x10 @ 600 & 900 yards

18 2x10 @ 400 & 600 yards

25 Round 3. Ten Ring Targets 2 x 10 @ 200 & 300 yards


Jul 2 2 x 10 shot matches @ 800 & 900 yards. TR

9 Fly shoot @ 500 yards. Committee Meeting at 11am

16 2 x 10 shot matches at 300 & 500 yards. Warracknabeal 2 Day PM

23 2x 10 shot matches @ 600 & 700 yards.

30 Round 4. Feral Animals 2 x 10 @ 200 yards & 400 yards


Aug 6 2 x 10 shot matches @ 600 & 700 yards. TR

13 2 x 10 shot matches @ 300 & 400 yards. No 13 DRA Champion of Champions.

20 DH Kerr Memorial. 2 x 10 shot matches @ 300 & 900yards. All Classes MCSI scoring

27 Round 4. Ten Ring Targets. 2 x 10 shot matches @ 300 & 400 yards


Sept 3 Hamilton Smallbore Prize Meeting. Horsham 2 day PM. Horsham PM

10 2 x 10 shot matches @ 800 & 900 yards

17 2 x 10 shot matches @500 & 700 yards.

24 Final round . Feral Animals 2 x 10 @ 300 yards.


Oct 1 2 x 10 shot matches @ 400 & 700 yards. 10.30am Working Bee

8 No 13 DRA McDougal Cup.

15 2 x 10 shot matches @ 600 & 800 yards

22 TBA

29 2 x 10 shot matches @ 600 & 700 yards.


Nov 5 Final Fly Shoot @ 500 yards. 11am Committee Meeting.

12 2 x 10 shot matches @ 400 & 600 yards.

19 2 x 10 shot matches @ 800 & 900 yards

26 Ladies Match & Final of the Ten Ring Target Comp. 2 x 10 shots matches @ 300 yards.


Dec 3 2 x 10 shot matches @ 600 & 700 yards. TR

10 Xmas shoot. Bring a present to the value of $10. Presentation of Target Rifle and F Class Club Championship Trophy.


17 Practice Day


Working Bee

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Just letting everyone know that the committee meeting on the 11/7 has been postponed. We are now having a working bee starting at 10am, all members are encouraged to attend. Jobs to be done include target repairs, flag pole repair, fill holes in front of target frames (so the markers dont stand in puddles), target shed clean up and other jobs that people can think of.

Hope to see you all there.   BBQ lunch supplied.

Committee Meeting Minutes 9/5/2015

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Held at Hamilton Rifle Range, Saturday 9th May 2015, 11.00 am


Captain Danny Sandford (DS), Secretary Greg Gunn (GG), Treasurer Grant Hornell (GH), Bernie Warren(BW), Steve Ludvig (SL), Michael Davies (MD).


Vice-Captain Rod Duncan (RD)


The minutes of the previous Committee Meeting held 17th July 2014 as distributed were taken as and confirmed. Motion moved GH, seconded MD and carried.




• Letter received from VRA regarding memberships due.

• Email sent to HRC members reminding members that club and VRA memberships now due

• Email received from Consumer Affairs - Annual Statement is now due

• Email DRA Kerr Long Range Shield to be held 23rd May


Treasurer, Mr Grant Hornell reported on the current status of financial affairs of the Club.

Working Account $9142

Invest. Account $9068

Cash $398

Total $18608




Agreed Motions/Actions Responsible Status*

Invoice to be sent to DEPPI for training use of range. Range fee to be $300 to be shared with SBRC GH

Redundant Bank Account to be closed off GH

Treasurers Books to be audited GH

Consumer Affairs Annual Statement due GH/GG

VRA and club dues to be collected GH

Order Cardboard for Targets GH

Grant to provide sleeper for target repairs GH

Cheque to be sent to VRA GG

Response required from D Ball re review of Maintenance MoU GG

Secretary to maintain list of members details GG

Follow up with Minister of Sport re Grant monies GG

Working Bees - Secretary to email reminders to members GG

Club to trial Grants Nikko Scope for Club Rifle DS

Bernie to provide 4.5 m pipe for flag pole BW

Club Committee Minutes to be posted on HRC web site DS

Rod to investigate holding a 22 event with Prize Meeting sponsors RD

*Note - Those responsible are to report on the status of actions at the next Committee Meeting


As per Shooting program .


There being no further business to transact Chairman Danny declared the meeting closed at 11.40 pm


2014 Xmas Shhot

Posted by [email protected] on November 29, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

At the Committee meeting held on Saturday the 29/11/2014 the committee passed a motion as to the format of this years Xmas Shoot. The shoot is to be held as per our calendar on Saturday the 13th of December commencing with a BYO BBQ lunch at 12 o'clock. The format of the shoot will be, Centrefire rifles 300 yards at a Moving Target, 10 shots to count. Then 10 scoring shots at large chalk sticks followed by a 22 rimfire shoot at 200 yards consisting of 2 x 10 shot matches.

Normal range fees will apply, please bring a gift to the value of $10. Presentations of Club Championship trophies will be made after the shoot.

HRC Charity Prize Meeting 2014

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Hamilton Rifle Club has been approved by the VRA to hold a Prize Meeting on Saturday the 8th of November, 2014. Proceeds are being donated to Stay Residential Services Assoc. Inc. providing support for people with a disability in the Hamilton area.

The Prize Meeting will be open to VRA members and will consist of 10 scoring shots at 500, 600 & 600 yards.

Non VRA members are very welcome to assist with various tasks such as marking, collecting score cards etc.

In order to be ready for this event, extra working bees will be required, also any labour that can be provided at other times. There are numerous jobs that can be done to present our club to its best.

The timber across the top of the mantlet has been replaced and earthworks will commence shortly to re-shape the surface of the mantlet. Painting of the showers has been commenced. Target number signs have been repaired and new ones need to be made. Additional wind flag poles need to be installed. New wind flags need cord and dog clips fitted. Pavers with target numbers need to de done for shooting positions on the mounds. Rod Duncan is making  more target legs but welding on new supprts will be required. More targets will need to be made. Parking areas will be graded and rolled when the ground dries out. Guttering on the end of the clubrooms is due to be replaced subject to labour.

The sign at the front gate needs repainting, etc etc.

So there are many jobs that can be done, we just need members to put their hands up.

2014 AGM

Posted by [email protected] on August 16, 2014 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

The AGM was held today. The number of members attending was disappointing, whilst we understand members also have other commitments, we need your support.

The committee for the next year:-

Captain.    Danny Sandford

Vice Captain.   Rod Duncan

Secretary.    Greg Gunn

Treasurer.        Grant Hornell

3 Committee members.  Dave Hillier. others subject to acceptance.

Handicapper.   Danny Sandford

Team Selectors.  Danny Sandford and Rod Duncan

Ammunition & reloading components custodian.  Grant Hornell

Maintenance & working bee co-ordinators.   Danny Sandford & Rod Duncan

Bernie Warren, our out going Secretary, was thanked for the excellent service that he has given to our club. He has been very committed in maintaining accurate records for many years. HRC owns Bernie a great deal of appreciation.

All weather parking

Posted by [email protected] on May 18, 2014 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

The Range now has all weather parking areas at 300, 500 & 600 yards. This was made possible by a Grant from the Southern Grampians Shire for half the cost of the project. Thanks also go to Peter Milne Earth Moving for completing the task.